Claire Lavigne

Claire Lavigne

Directeur de recherche


INRAE – Lab. PSH- Horticultural Plants and cropping Systems (UR1115)

228 route de l’aérodrome, Domaine St-Paul - Site Agroparc
CS 40509

84914 Avignon Cedex
Tél. : + 33 4 32 72 26 66


Head deputy INRAE division AgroEcoSystem 2018-2022

Leader of the EPI team 2011-2016 then of the CBC team 2016-2018.

INRA Researcher (CR) since 2005, director of research (DR) since 2012
Accreditation to supervise research (HDR), University Paris-Sud, 2001
Assistant professor, University Paris-Sud, department Ecology, Systematics & Evolution, Orsay (1998-2005)
Post-doc, Institute for Environmental Sciences, University Zurich (1995-1996)

    • Current :I am currently working on conservation biological control. My particular interest is on the spatio-temporal dynamics of agricultural pests and pest enemies at a landscape scale. I am also interested more generally on how landscape features and agricultural practices shape biodiversity in agricultural landscapes. My work includes data collection in commercial orchards, data analyses and modelling. I am interested both in modelling pest dynamics and 2D agricultural field patterns.
    • Past :While at University Paris-Sud, I mainly worked on measuring and modelling pollen dispersal in crop species, particularly maize and oilseed rape in the context of assessing the impacts of the release of GM crops. I was also involved in projects on the evolution of genetic diversity in metapopulations with a view to manage crop genetic diversity for conservation purposes.

 PhD students

2019-2022 L. Etienne: Do landscape structure and landscape level agricultural practices impact pesticide use in orchards and vineyards ? (co-directed with A. Rusch and P. Franck)

2015-2018 B. Collard: Multiscale modelling of the impact of the crop diversity and its spatial arrangement on conservation pest control (co-directed with Ph. Tixier, CIRAD and T. Delattre, PSH).

2015-2018 C. Imbert: Conservation biological control in associations of fruit trees and vegetable crops (Co-directed with F. Warlop, Groupe de Recherche en Agriculture Biologique).

2015- 2017 S. Pissonnier: Co-conception of alternative practices for the management of the sanitary and phytosanitary practices in apple producing farms (mostly directed by  P.Y. Le Gal, UMR Innovation, CIRAD).

2014-2016 M. Lefebvre: Pest control by spiders in orchards (Co-directed with P. Franck, PSH and J.M. Ricard, CTIFL).

2010 – 2014 S. Da Silva: Spatial data mining and landscape modelling (co-directed with F. Le Ber, INRIA, France).

2010 – 2013 M. Maalouly: Conservation biological control of pests in heterogeneous landscapes (co-directed P. Franck).

2009 – 2012 C. Boreau: Functional biodiversity in apple orchards (co-directed with B. Symondson, UK).

2006 – 2009 B. Ricci: Spatial dynamics of codling moth in South-Eastern France (co-directed with P. Franck)

2002-2006 - C. Devaux: Long-distance pollen dispersal (co-directed with E. Klein)

1999-2002 - E. Porcher: Evolution of neutral and selected genetic diversity in metapopulations.


2008-2009 and 2012-2018: 1st year Master Agrosciences  « Gestion de la Qualité des Productions Végétales », University Avignon.

1997-2005 : from 1st to 5th year university: population biology, population genetics, statistics and modelling for biologists, University Paris-Sud.


Etienne L, Franck P, Lavigne C, Papaïx J, Tolle P, Ostandie N, Rusch A (2022) Pesticide use in vineyards is affected by semi-natural habitats and organic farming share in the landscape, Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 333, 107967.

Bouvier JC, Boivin T, Lavigne C. (2022) Single-row exclusion nets: an alternative pest control method with no detectable impact on breeding bird assemblages in orchards bordered by hedgerows. Agronomy for Sustainable Development 42, 23.

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Lefebvre M., Franck P., Olivares J., Ricard J.-M., Mandrin J.-F., Lavigne C. (2017) Spider predation on rosy apple aphid in conventional, organic and insecticide-free orchards and its impact on aphid populations. Biological Contro l, 104: 57-65.

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